Why Choose Ember Realty?

Ember Realty's Pricing

Ember Realty is committed to providing honest and transparent pricing to our customers. We believe that a lack of transparency around pricing erodes trust and makes it difficult for customers to make informed decisions. At Ember Realty, we pride ourselves on delivering excellent service at a fair price.

Leasing Only

100% of First Month's Rent

Lease Renewals $299

What's Included?

In-depth analysis of the current real estate market to price your property competitively and attractively.

Expert advice and services to prepare your property for the market, ensuring it looks its best for potential tenants.

Strategic marketing and advertising efforts across various platforms to maximize property visibility and attract quality tenants.

High-definition photography and immersive 3-D tours to showcase your property in the best light and attract higher interest.

Rigorous screening process including credit, background checks, and rental history to ensure reliable and responsible tenants.

 Professional drafting and negotiation of lease agreements to protect your interests and ensure fair terms.

Detailed inspection of the property at move-in to document its condition and ensure tenant accountability.

Regular, transparent communication channels keep you informed about your property, offering peace of mind and fostering a strong partnership.

Efficient collection of the first month’s rent and security deposit before tenant move-in.

Complete handover of the lease agreement and relevant property documentation to ensure legal compliance and clarity.

Flexibility to choose additional services based on your specific needs, offering customized property management solutions.

The Basic Plan

75% of First Month's Rent

$159 Per Month

$249 Lease Renewals

What's Included? Everything in Lease only plus...

Enjoy personalized attention and expert management from a professional solely focused on your property’s success.

Hassle-free handling of all maintenance requests with a 10% service charge, ensuring your property remains in top condition.

Efficient and timely collection of rent, utilizing streamlined processes to ensure consistent cash flow.

Detailed monthly reports providing insights into your property’s financial performance, helping you make informed decisions..

Rigorous adherence to local, state, and federal laws, protecting you from potential legal issues and ensuring your property meets all regulatory standards.

Regular, transparent communication channels keep you informed about your property, offering peace of mind and fostering a strong partnership.

Comprehensive inspections at the start and end of each tenancy, documenting the property’s condition and ensuring accountability.

Coordination and management of utility billing and transitions between tenants, removing the burden from your shoulders.

Around-the-clock support for any emergency repairs or issues, ensuring swift resolution and tenant safety.

Our commitment to your satisfaction, offering guarantees on tenant placement, rent collection, and more for a worry-free investment experience.

The Ultimate Plan

65% of First Month's Rent

$229 Per Month

$199 Lease Renewals

What's Included? Everything in the Lease and Basic Plan plus...

Coverage for lost income up to 25 weeks, ensuring financial stability in case of tenant vacancy.

Financial support for eviction-related expenses, covering up to $5000 to mitigate the impact of tenant disputes.

Comprehensive protection against malicious damage to your property, with coverage up to $35,000.

Security against theft-related losses, offering up to $15,000 in coverage for stolen or damage due to theft.

Extensive liability protection for property owners, with $1 million in coverage to safeguard against potential claims.

Biannual property evaluations to assess and ensure the ongoing condition and value of your investment.

Enjoy maintenance and repair services without any additional surcharges, ensuring cost-effective property upkeep.

For rentals above $5,000/month, the management fee is $329/month, 55% tenant placement fee, and $199 for lease renewals. 

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Ember Realty's Benefits

Our property management company simplifies rental ownership by maximizing income and minimizing hassle. We provide efficient tenant screening, rent collection, and maintenance, supported by advanced technology.

Rent With Confidence

When you opt for the Ultimate Plan, you’re choosing to rent with confidence. This plan guarantees professional property management by our devoted team, along with a host of benefits designed to ensure a seamless and worry-free rental experience:

  • Tenant Malicious Damage Guaranteed with $35k in coverage
  • Loss of Rent Guarantee with up to 25 weeks of rent loss
  • Eviction Guarantee with $5k in eviction coverage, plus $600 for any sheriff fees
  • $1,000,000 coverage for 3rd party claims that happen on your property (That’s twice the liability coverage of most dwelling policies)
  • $15K in Theft or Damage Due to Theft.
  • Rekeying of locks if a tenant skips or has to be evicted
  • $5k lockbox coverage

Tenant screening

Our tenant screening is like detective work – thorough and insightful! We dive deep into verifying incomes to ensure tenants can comfortably cover rent, while peering into rental histories to spot the superstars. Background checks? We’ve got those covered, turning every stone for your peace of mind. And for our furry friends, our pet screening is like a friendly pat-down, making sure they’re the perfect match for your place. With us, it’s not just about finding a tenant; it’s about securing the right tenant for a happy, hassle-free home.


Dive into the future of property marketing with us! We snap dazzling HD photos and craft immersive 3-D tours that make your property pop off the screen and into potential tenants’ hearts. Like a digital megaphone, we syndicate these eye-catching listings across all major real estate websites, ensuring your property is seen far and wide. It’s not just marketing; it’s a blockbuster premiere for your rental, designed to captivate and convert viewers into tenants. With us, your property doesn’t just get listed; it gets showcased in style, securing the right tenants faster than ever.

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Ember Realty's Guarantees

We’re committed to providing exceptional service and peace of mind to our property owners. Our guarantees are designed to ensure your satisfaction and confidence in our management services:

  • No Long-Term Contract: Cancel our services anytime. We value your freedom and trust, not contractual obligations.

  • 90-Day Money-Back: Not satisfied within the first 90 days? We’ll refund up to three months of your management fees, ensuring you’re happy with our service.

  • Tenant Replacement: If an eviction is necessary for a tenant we placed, we’ll find a new one for free, minimizing income disruption for you.

Property Maintenance

Ember Realty emphasizes the strategic role of property maintenance in boosting owner ROI. Through regular inspections and assessments, we proactively tackle issues, preventing costly repairs and enhancing property value. Our approach boosts tenant retention and market appeal, directly increasing your investment's profitability. With Ember Realty, your property doesn't just maintain its value—it grows, ensuring a more lucrative and hassle-free investment.

Property Inspections

Our Ultimate plan includes bi-annual inspections to promptly address maintenance and uphold lease compliance, preserving your property and protecting your investment through diligent tenant oversight.

Preventative Maintenance

Scheduled services to prevent major issues, including HVAC servicing, roof inspections, and gutter cleaning.


We've teamed up with a top-tier cleaning industry partner to offer both you and your tenants an exceptional service aimed at keeping your property in pristine condition.

Resident Benefits

Our Filter Program enhances air quality, while ensuring your HVAC system is protected.

Verified Vendors

Ember Realty has an in-house maintenance company works with verified vendors to ensure your property is maintained.


Ensuring a swift property turnover and promptly placing the next tenant are crucial steps to maintaining your property's profitability.

Ember Realty Additional Policies

These policies are designed to establish a clear and efficient working relationship between the property management company and property owners, ensuring that all parties understand their responsibilities and the standards of service provided.

Owners must choose a specific management plan (Basic or Ultimate) and are subject to the terms, including fees and services provided under each plan.

A setup fee of $199 is applicable for properties with existing tenants at the time of signing up for our services.

For those not on the Ultimate plan, property inspections are available at a charge of $85 per inspection.

You have the flexibility to cancel your service at any time with a 30-day notice. Should you choose to cancel before securing a tenant, please note that you will be responsible for the costs associated with marketing your property.

Ensuring a positive tenant experience is crucial. To ease the stress of moving, we perform a comprehensive turnover checklist before move-in, eliminating surprises. Our move-in condition video report captures the property’s state before and after tenancy, reducing disputes over damages during move-out. We’re so confident in these reports that we manage deposit disputes at no cost (legal representation expenses not included). This unique service is only $85 per report, unmatched by others in the industry.

Our leasing fee covers various services, including marketing, tenant screening, property walkthroughs, documentation of move-in conditions, showings coordination, applicant screening, and lease document signing. If you’re residing in the property during the marketing phase, we offer a 25% discount for assisting in showing the property to a tenant who subsequently signs a lease.

Owners are responsible for approving maintenance and repair costs above a certain threshold, as outlined in their service agreement. Emergency repairs may be conducted without prior approval to protect the property and its occupants.

We’re equipped to manage all your maintenance needs around the clock. We charge our cost plus 10% to handle every aspect of the maintenance, including 24-hour on-call, bids, follow-up, inspection of work, negotiations, and payment of bills. With our in-house maintenance department, we ensure prompt tenant service and tackle those challenging, hard-to-outsource tasks. This 10% fee is waived if you are subscribed to the Ultimate plan.

If you plan to keep your property listed for sale while we market it for rent or rent-to-own, there will be a one-time $250 setup and marketing fee. Please note that this requires approval from your listing agent.

If you’re not subscribed to the Ultimate plan, we offer property inspections at a charge of $85 per inspection.

The Ember Realty will conduct comprehensive tenant screening, including background checks, income verification, and rental history, to ensure quality tenancy.

Disclaimer: Ember Realty follows all Federal, State, and Local fair housing rules and regulations when it comes to screening and selecting tenants.

Ember Realty will handle all aspects of rent collection, including setting up payment methods, issuing reminders, and taking appropriate action in cases of late payment.

Owners will receive regular financial reports detailing income, expenses, and net profit from their rental property.

Owners are required to maintain adequate property insurance, including liability coverage. Proof of insurance must be provided at the time of signup and add Ember Realty as an additional insured member to your policy.

Owner’s that choose the Ultimate plan will received $1,000,000 in General Liability in addition to their current home owner/landlord policy.

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