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7 Reasons Why You Should Rent Instead of Sell

Why Renting Out Your Home Might Be a Better Financial Move Than Selling 1. Steady Monthly Income  The most immediate benefit of renting out your home is the consistent monthly rental income. Let's crunch some numbers: If you own a house worth $300,000 and sell it, you might pocket a significant amount after covering your outstanding mortgage and closing costs. But, if you rent out that same...

6 Surefire Ways for Real Estate Agents to Find Landlord Referrals

7 Surefire Ways for Florida Real Estate Agents to Find Property Management Clients Being a real estate agent in the sunny state of Florida comes with its fair share of challenges and opportunities. One such opportunity lies in tapping into the ever-growing market of property management. If you're ready to step up your game and attract owners and landlords seeking property managers, buckle up because...

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Trying to Sell a Home with Tenants Still Living Inside? These 3 Tips Will Make Your Life Easier

Are you thinking about selling a home that you have rented out for some additional revenue? If so, you're likely trying to discern how to inform the current tenants best and conduct the sales process in a way that works well for all of the parties involved. In today's blog post we'll explore how to sell your home while you're renting it out to tenants and share three tips that can make the process a bit...

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